lørdag den 1. maj 2010

I was just wondering…

…what happend to the art of handwriting?
I  mean a huge part can't even write their own name anymore so others can read the letters.
It's not only a loss for the motor-function. It's also a loss for the eyes. We're no longer able to read a whole sentence, we just skim…

Handwriting is like a painting. It's an expression of feelings.
If you are mad at someone, you cannot write "I LOVE YOU" without saying the opposite, when you write it by hand. The art of letters will tell more than the meaning of the words.

I have a passion for letters and words. 
Every word has been said or written, unless you come up with something new like smileys, which is necessary for expression or emphasize what you are trying to say. But the way we choose to put these words together is what makes it all come to life.

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